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Application Deadline 19 Dec 2022

What is WTREXSA?

WTREXSA is an exciting global wildland firefighting collaboration offering practical live prescribed fire training. Presented in the form of a 12-day training event, WTREXSA will see industry legends, highly trained and experienced wildland firefighters, and Incident Management Specialists flock to the wildlands and mountainsides of the beautiful Western Cape,  South Africa, to teach, learn, encourage and grow together through prescribed burns, while gaining invaluable international integrated fire management experience.

Join us at the inaugural WTREXSA from 20 – 31 March 2023 to celebrate and explore the growing role of women and their allies in fire, as well as to spread the message of good fire.

Key Things to Know About WTREXSA

It's an intensive 12-day training exchange that combines practical live-fire training, together with indoor and outdoor training sessions covering good fire topics.

This year, our burn sites will center around three unique locations in the Western Cape, burning in a variety of fuel types for a variety of burn objectives in the beautiful province.

We will engage with participants of all genders in building a support network for female fire practitioners working to advance their leadership skills in integrated wildfire management.

The WTREXSA serves as an opportunity to elevate diversity in perspective, background, and talent to create solutions for today’s complex fire challenges.

Through introducing good fire back into the land, participants will gain real-time experience, enhance their understanding of fire ecology, local fuels and topography, and much much more!

About the Participants

WTREXSA will host approximately 20 participants of all genders, ethnic, racial and geographic backgrounds, to explore the growing role of women in firefighting and fire management. In addition to the 20 participants, WTREXSA will also host an international core group of Incident Management Team members (IMT’s), trainers, mentors, partners, sponsors, stakeholders, VIP’s, and the like.

WTREXSA is aimed at any fire practitioner, manager, and firefighter, as well as organisation and government agencies interested in building their wildfire and prescribed fire knowledge, capacity and networks while engaging with good fire. The WTREXSA is designed to include and meet the needs of a broad spectrum of fire practitioners, from novice firefighters and burners, seasoned fire professionals working on growing in leadership, to everything in between.

Participants are required to have the following: